NEW KIWIS // linking NZ employers with
skilled migrants eligible to work and currently
living in New Zealand // at no cost


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We understand the recruitment challenges businesses face in getting the right staff on board whilst running a business. The New Kiwis New Zealand recruitment database is full of talented candidates with the specialist skills and international experience you may be seeking.

We know recruiting great staff with the right skills becomes even harder when they’re needed most – when productivity and efficiency is more critical than ever.

Onshore Job Seekers
Our New Kiwis programme links skilled migrants living in New Zealand with employers. These qualified jobseekers are professionals in a variety of fields. In some cases you may find the specialist knowledge and experience you require is scarce in New Zealand.

Offshore Job Seekers and returning Kiwis
Our New Kiwis Global website houses a pool of talented candidates from overseas looking to immigrate to New Zealand. You’ll also find New Zealanders living and working abroad wanting to return home. These highly qualified, professional people have gained valuable experience in international markets and would be a great asset to your business. This site enables your business to tap into a world of skills and to help bring Kiwis home.