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New Kiwis:
Launched in 2001, New Kiwis is a FREE recruitment and matching service between highly qualified migrants and New Zealand employers.  Our challenge to business is to make your recruitment decisions on relevant merit including skills, qualifications and experience, not on ethnic origins. Celebrate the cultural diversity that is New Zealand and our workplaces. Your reward will be in attracting a diverse talent to your workforce.

What is the purpose of www.newkiwis.co.nz?
The purpose of this site is to link the skills of migrants to job vacancies in your organisation.

What does it cost to use www.newkiwis.co.nz?
Nothing. This is a free site - there is no cost to register as a job seeker or post a job advertisement.

Who administers www.newkiwis.co.nz?
New Kiwis is delivered by the Auckland Chamber of Commerce and partnership with Immigration New Zealand (MBIE).  For more information Auckland Chamber of Commerce.

What are the services provided by New Kiwis?
Our role is linking skills to the needs of New Zealand employers. Our focus is on introducing a suitable skill-set to a potential employer. Employers can search and download CV's of suitable candidates or they can post a Job Vacancy. 

Our services are free to employers and candidates alike. Employers are able to search for candidates, download CVs and access jobseekers without having to advertise. This saves them time and money. Alternatively, if Employer do wish to post a vacancy on the website they can do so at no cost to them.

For useful links and resources visit  www.newkiwis.co.nz Info Centres for Employer and Job Seekers.

As a employer, what are the benefits of employing a new kiwi?
Develop new business networks of overseas customers or suppliers, improvements in morale through encouraging tolerance and understanding of other cultures in the work place, specific language or professional skills.

As a new kiwi, what is the benefit of registering on www.newkiwis.co.nz?
As the largest business association in New Zealand the Chamber's national network reaches a large number of businesses. We actively promote www.newkiwis.co.nz to these potential employers to connect you into job opportunities. Once you have registered your skills the site offers many other useful resources and links, not to mention a job emailing service.

It is important for your online CV to be accurate and up to date to enable your details to be selected should an Employer carry out a search.


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