Job Seeker Details

Professional Attributes:
  • I am a proactive leader also able to encourage the teams I work in to feel inspired, be proactive and take ownership of their own work practices, to constantly learn and teach others, to share knowledge, to find solutions, and never, ever think that something is not possible.
  • I am a detail-oriented professional, comfortable at multi-tasking and creating new and innovative ways of working more efficiently.
  • I am self-motivated, resilient, ready to go the extra mile to achieve targets, resolve issues and generally enhance the business or project under my responsibility.
  • I am a good negotiator and skilled at promoting agreements and avoiding impasse situations.
  • A good presenter of facts and scenarios, with considerable experience in presenting cases and reports in meetings with all levels of people, beginning with Field Personnel and all the way up to CEO´s and High Ranked Government Officials.
  • I care about my team as persons and professionals, in turn they will take care of our client needs and ultimately feel proud of the achieved results.
  • I believe that the success of a project begins with being able to create trustworthy relationships within or outside the organization.
  • Loyal, discreet and trustworthy, allows me to handle sensitive information in a secure and finely focused manner.
  • I am able to create an atmosphere that promotes cooperation and understanding among parties.
  • Capable of asserting a quick decision to ensure success or resolve any issues that may hinder or stall the negotiation process.
  • Excellent as adviser to client in decision making processes.
  • Positive and friendly attitude to all levels and areas required to deal with.
  • I am an attentive and patient listener and effective communicator.
  • Successful in handling complicated requests for presentations or answering communications.
  • Passionate about my team, my organization, the project at hand and the challenges it brings.
  • Possess required verbal communication skills to communicate well with the staffs, employer or clients.
  • Possess professional demeanour with positive non-verbal communication skills.
Core Competencies:
  • Construction Claims
  • Budgeting & Cost Controls
  • Project Scheduling
  • Site Safety Compliance
  • Change Order Management
  • Diamond Drilling Supervision
  • Heavy Equipment Management
  • Remote Location Logistics
  • Bidding/Estimating/Proposals
  • Critical Thinking
  • Microsoft Office Suite
  • Scheduling Software, Project & Primavera
  • Excellent research skills and ability to “connect the dots” from multiple sources to build a case.
  • Analyzing and finding out of scope items as well as situations that are different on site from what was set forth in the bidding documents.
  • Able to set up an office or a remote site quickly and autonomously.
Industry Experience:

19 Years Experience

Contracts Management, Estimating, Planning & Scheduling

Mining, Resources & Energy

3 Years Experience

Analysis & Reporting, Health, Safety & Environment, Mining - Drill & Blast, Mining - Exploration & Geoscience


13 Years Experience

Construction Law, Litigation & Dispute Resolution

Hospitality & Tourism

3 Years Experience