Job Seeker Details

Professional Attributes:
  • Aptitude for technology with the passion to share knowledge.
  • An enthusiastic learner and problem solver.
  • Flexible and open towards change
  • Progressive thinker with a ‘can do’ attitude.
  • Empathetic with a proven strength in understanding other’s point of view.
Core Competencies:
  • Technical Skills • Knowledge of statistics, using data to generate useful information for decision-making • Ability to use Tableau for data visualisation, Spreadsheet and R programming language for data analysis, and SQL for database enquiry • Conducting reports (both verbal and written) and dealing with documentation • Proficient English skills (writing, speaking, reading, listening)
  • Leadership and teamwork skills • Five years successful experience as an assistant manager at a healthcare clinic (oversea) • Supervised and trained staff (English skills) • Solved conflicts between staff, led and joined organizational meetings • Collaborated with the team in leading the organisation to reach its mission and goal. • Created a helpful, engaging and satisfied working environment
  • Analytical Skills • Experience in organising and analysing large volumes of data. • Evaluated the circumstances to identify the problem, consider alternatives weigh pros and cons • Used critical thinking skills to decide the effective solution for complex problems
  • Communication Skills • Perceptive communicator with the capacity to engage, compel and liaise with colleagues, executives and external stakeholders to clearly understand and impart information • Optimally utilized all channels of communications with the intention to effectively communicate goals and interplay of ideas and concept.
Industry Experience:
Science & Technology

0 Years Experience

Mathematics, Statistics & Information Sciences