Job Seeker Details

Professional Attributes:
  • Adaptable and flexible
  • Able to engage with people, showing empathy and understanding. Teachable moments. I can connect with people.
  • Interdisciplinary work
  • Analytical thinking
  • Creativity
Core Competencies:
  • Degree in stress issues suffered by students and health care professionals and the effectiveness of stress management programs with a particular focus on nonpharmacologic techniques that might contribute to Health and Pharmaceutical Care
  • Teaching at the University of Buenos Aires in subjects related to the Instrumental Analytical Chemistry, Stress Management, Burn out and Resilience.
  • Experience in Quality Control Laboratory work, development and validation of analytical techniques and the compliance of Good Laboratory Practises
  • Leading interdisciplinary and social projects. This experience includes managing research teams from different faculties (Pharmacy and Biochemistry, Medicine and Psychology), project plans and developing methodologies for effective stress management programs to built resilience.
  • Collaborating through Social Educational Practices with “Casa del Niño” which provides support to families who live in extreme poverty in defined areas, comprising slums or precarious settlements
  • Interpersonal Identifying when people are stressed and suggesting ways to manage their stress – demonstrated in my work and research into stress management and teaching people. Able to engage with people, showing empathy and understanding. Teachable moments. I can connect with people.
  • Problem solving I am very curious and driven to understand and fix problems. I solve problems by being methodical, accurate and patient. During my doctoral thesis I overcame the challenge of connecting and working with the department of Chemistry and Psychology and generating a new line of work.
  • Communication Strong English – written and spoken. Language ability: Spanish and English
  • Team work Dividing work gets it done quicker and there is the opportunity to increase my understanding and also teach others in the areas that I’m good in. Including across disciplines – working with the psychology department.
  • "I Can Do it" actitude
Industry Experience:
Science & Technology

15 Years Experience

Laboratory & Technical Services