Job Seeker Details

Professional Attributes:
  • time management, adaptability, and independent problem solving skills
  • extensive skills in cell culture and advanced assays
  • excel, powerpoint, photoshop, and imagej excellency for publication quality reports
  • speech and presentation skills in international audiences
  • medical documentation, HIPPA (medical confidentiality), and medical terminology skills gained in my time working in medical settings
  • skills working with diverse populations from extended experience working with children with special needs
Core Competencies:
  • trained cell biologist fluent in cell tissue culture and advanced assays such as immunofluorescence, western blotting, and transfection assays
  • skilled independent researcher and presenter- given presentations at university and international conferences such as the Experimential Biology conference in 2020
  • developed and refined molecular biology techniques and assay protocols for 4 separate primary breast cell lines
  • professional development skills beyond presentation- currently in the process of writing an academic research paper to be published in the next year
  • assisted doctoral professor and taught undergraduate students necessary lab and lecture skills in chemistry
  • volunteering in surgical, primary, rehabilitative, and oncology settings directly with patients, physicians, nursing staff, and administrative staff
Industry Experience:
Science & Technology

3 Years Experience

Biological & Biomedical Sciences

Healthcare & Medical

4 Years Experience


Education & Training

7 Years Experience

Management - Universities, Teaching - Early Childhood, Teaching Aides & Special Needs, Tutoring