Job Seeker Details

Professional Attributes:
  • Joyful - try to find the bright side of life & enjoy the moment
  • Team player - work well with others, and help wherever I can. From documentation to helping others uplevel their skills, and telling a fun story or two at a team outing.
  • Tinkerer - Love learning the ins and outs of a new tool. Finding better ways to do things, and making life easier using the tools that we've got at our disposal.
  • Candid - always be kind, professional, and respectful, but I call things like I see them. I don't change my answer based on who's asking, whether it be the junior-most coworkers, or the CEO. I call out problems in order to fix them, and try to bring a solution to the table.
Core Competencies:
  • Python
  • Ansible
  • Bash
  • Observability - Datadog, Sumologic, Raygun, Splunk, TIG
Industry Experience:
Information & Communication Technology

6 Years Experience

Networks & Systems Administration