Job Seeker Details

Professional Attributes:
  • Meticulous, well-organized,
  • Analytical and love working
  • Friendly nature, easy going and fit
  • Attention to detail, problem solver
Core Competencies:
  • woodworking
  • Building framework
  • Install floor
  • Wooden furnishing articles
  • ne year of interior decoration experience, can make some furniture and. The condole top of toilet, shed top and so on, I work seriously adaptability is strong, want to work steadily for a long time to go down
  • one year's experience as a bricklayer. I can lay tiles, install floors and lay underground heating. In my previous work, I mainly worked as a bricklayer, and I hope to do interior decoration. I can quickly adapt to work and balance my life.
  • Follow the management command and conscientiously complete the assignment. Although I am young, I can be relied on
Industry Experience:

1 Year Experience