Job Seeker Details

Professional Attributes:
  • Undertaken lifting and rigging attendance course
  • Part of previous project 5000 hrs LTI
  • Team leader of cable pullers
  • Part of SWAT team
Core Competencies:
  • Cable pulling and strapping
  • Reading circuit diagrams, cable schedules
  • SWA an flex cable glanding up to 4 core, 185mm2
  • Upgrading MCC tier buckets
  • Glanding and terminations of multiple cables on incomer bussbars from MV transformers
  • Mining industry maintenance
  • Performing plant shutdowns and upgrades
  • Plant lighting sitting and installation
  • Glanding and terminations of multicore control cables such as RIO panels, HT circuit breaker controls, Marshaling boxes, protection relays
  • Full house tubing and wiring
  • Glanding and terminations of underground gulley boxes, tunnels lights
  • Termination of profibus and ethernet cables
  • Steel conduit bending for domestic and industrial applications
Industry Experience:
Trades & Services

10 Years Experience