Job Seeker Details

Professional Attributes:
  • I am interested in proving people with counselling an guidance
  • I am interested in Planning and organizing
  • I am interested in Managing information
  • I am interested in managing and supervising people
  • I am interested in research
  • I am interested in teaching people how to do things
  • I am interested in studying cultures and society and human behavior
  • I am interested in selling, business, promoting
  • Resourceful, proactive and motivated
  • Collaborative team member
Core Competencies:
  • Managing and Supervising
  • Research and Investigating
  • Writing
  • Administration
  • Planning and Organizing
  • Demonstrating and presenting
  • Teaching and Instructing
  • Skills in executing various programme operations
  • Efficient, conscientious and strong work ethic
  • Experience liaising with donor organisations
  • Varied skills in providing social services, education, rights and legal aid provisioning
  • Experience in implementing needs assessment
  • Skilled in report and proposal writing
  • Highly capable in project management
  • Experience supervising staff
Industry Experience:
Government & Defence

1 Year Experience

Policy, Planning & Regulation


11 Years Experience

Project Management

Community Services & Development

10 Years Experience