Job Seeker Details

Professional Attributes:
  • Very fast learner
  • Reliable
  • Have a very good public relation and leadership
  • Committed
Core Competencies:
  • Excellent ability of supervising civil projects and industrial manufacturing process
  • As I am manufacturing different type of welding machines, I know all type of equipment used in geomembrane installation, how they worked and what is their need for post-maintenance, maintenance as well as any type of short or overall repairs, which shortening any delay due to machinery failure
  • Also combination of my manufacturing and installation background able me to any need or must for handling a project, guiding team efficiently, evaluate welding process in time to prevent re-visiting site because of welding failure or any other
  • I know and able to conduct the process of testing and evaluating geomembrane weld due to ASTM documents
  • Excellent in technical drawing (solidwork ®)
Industry Experience:

12 Years Experience

Contracts Management, Foreperson/Supervisors, Project Management

Manufacturing, Transport & Logistics

12 Years Experience

Assembly & Process Work, Purchasing, Procurement & Inventory