Job Seeker Details

Professional Attributes:
  • Credit Risk Analyst with twelve years’ experience in the finance sector, including credit application assessment, underwriting, credit risk opinion, cash-flow preparation, monitoring of business activity, and forecasting market trends. Excellent data analysis, organizational and time management abilities.
  • Highly developed analytical skills in assessing credit applications using qualitative and quantitative methods, financial modelling, statistic methods, and analysis of credit portfolio trends
  • Creation and adjustment of forecasting models based on DSGE (dynamic stochastic general equilibrium) approach
  • Effective team player and willing contributor of ideas; able to deal diplomatically with challenging scenarios and difficult discussions (e.g. before credit committee) and get parties to come to agreements which are acceptable to all. Demonstrated resilience in the workplace, problem-solving ability with certain level of creativity and able to assist colleagues with conflict resolution when required
Core Competencies:
  • Underwriting
  • Financial Analyst
  • Basel II rules implementation
  • Leasing, Factoring, Corporate Treasury Sales
  • Printing
  • Packaging
  • Agribusiness
  • Credit Risk Officer
  • Credit Analyst
  • Business Analyst
Industry Experience:
Banking & Financial Services

8 Years Experience

Banking - Corporate & Institutional, Compliance & Risk, Credit

Advertising, Arts & Media

5 Years Experience

Editing & Publishing, Programming & Production