Job Seeker Details

Professional Attributes:
  • To be convinced of something, I need a small amount Information, I imagine the rest, and my conviction is made quickly. I am able to draw conclusions quickly after collecting a limited amount of information. I will extrapolate the pieces And take into account the benefit of the doubt. I have a high level of confidence. This model is perfectly suited to carry out projects at the limit of current technology.
  • I am motivated when I see a progression in my work. This Improvement is the stumbling block for quality improvement programs. In keeping with this philosophy, I am undoubtedly constantly looking for ways to improve things, I want things to evolve gradually. I can be suitable for a job where I have to deal with the next version of a product (such as looking for a new version of a software or product).
  • Thomas Carlyle a dit : "Le but de l'homme est dans l'action, pas dans la pensée." Vous êtes d'accord avec cette expression. Quand je dois participer à une nouvelle tâche, un nouveau projet, ou quand il faut apprendre quelque chose de nouveau, je suis orienté vers l'action. Je désire réaliser quelque chose de concret et dans mon fort intérieur, je me rende compte que seule, l'action est importante. Vous comprenez la tâche ou le projet basé sur mes actes et les résultats directs de mes actions. Ce modèle est intéressant dans des environnements de travail où il faut agir.
  • I willingly follow the rules of the organization and try to be the right person for society. It seems normal that a person tries to do the best for the society for which she works. In larger corporations, managers with these qualities quickly climb the ladder because they adapt to becoming the kind of person the organization needs. This is a good model for a hierarchical management situation and for staff positions.
  • When I start a task or project, I like to think carefully. I wish Discover what is needed, what needs to be done, and how it will happen. I have the necessary patience for this phase of the project - everything in its time; Once we have decided on the way forward, I wish to give my full cooperation.
  • I am really motivated when I feel like I belong to the "club". I like to please others and win their friendship. I want to take care of the others. Having a good atmosphere at work and loyalty are values that I appreciate. I try to avoid conflict and criticism. With this quality, I love contact with people, I want to have social contacts and I love to meet people.
  • For me a lot of jobs can fit into a scenario that should be followed Rigorously, step by step. In most cases, I am willing to do so "according to the specific rules". This quality is important for jobs where uniformity is essential or when repeating the same procedure is the way to ensure quality. Jobs where you need to follow an exact procedure is important.
  • When I have to make a decision, I prefer to do it myself or take in charge. When asked if another worker does his job well, I need to see him do his job (or compare to what I would do myself). I am at ease for jobs where you have to put your hand to the dough and where I can really "do something" useful. My management style is "hands-on management"
  • I have a proactive approach and I want to act without having to evaluate all the consequences beforehand (I believe that these consequences can be approached along the way). Others can see in me a leader who makes things happen. I act best in situations where I can initiate without having to wait for the analysis of others.
  • For me the opinion of others is important. I take this into account to adapt myself to working in the desired direction, within the constraints framework. The feedback from others motivates me and I draw lessons from it. When there is a decision to make, I involve the others. This attitude lends itself well to functions that involve contact with customers (sales).
  • I am motivated when given the overall vision or when I can expand my horizon. I quickly discern the principal of the accessory and am able to understand the abstract ideas. For me, it is important to have an overview, the whole taken as a whole. Once I get there, I can go into more detail where it's needed; I distinguish the Forest through trees; This attitude is very useful in strategy, planning and management functions.
  • In my work, I am very interested in processes (walking, Advancement) and systems. I am interested in the functioning of the system, I care about the links between things and I want to know the causes and effects. I want to get an answer to the questions: "How do things work here? What will be the key elements for us to succeed?"
  • I'm never completely convinced. I want to gather Information and decide only for this occasion; I want proof of a performance to be made constantly. This is ideal for sales situations and management positions where people need to be continually monitored (such as retail management).
  • It is important for me to have full responsibility for my work. When I have to work as a team, I prefer that the tasks are well delineated and that each person knows exactly his responsibility. For me everyone must be held responsible for his work. I understand the need for hierarchy in work. For me, the upper echelons are responsible for the benefits of the lower echelons.
  • When I begin a new task or project, I want to find the underlying theoretical elements, the concept. I like intellectual activities. For me, knowing the theory is a way of giving me the feeling that I understand the scope of the project or task. I wish to devote the necessary time to analyzing the subject and reflecting on it.
  • Miles Davis said: "Do not be afraid of mistakes, there are none." I fully agree with these words. Objective management could have been invented for me. I like working with goals in front of me. When I am given a task, I want to find out what the goals are. I want to focus on the desired result and I will remain motivated to achieve it. I excel at staying "on track". Jobs that provide rewards for achieving goals are made for me.
  • In my work, I am interested in tangible instruments, tools, and other elements. I want to be sure that the appropriate tools are available and are in order, etc ...
Core Competencies:
  • Executive MBA
  • Operations Startup
  • Business Development
  • Strategic Management
  • Firm Value Improvment
  • Sales Administration
  • Cost cutting and optimisation
  • Team Building and Motivation
  • Firm strategy analysis and optimisation
Industry Experience:
Human Resources & Recruitment

12 Years Experience

Management - Agency, Other, Recruitment - Agency


11 Years Experience

Management, New Business Development, Other, Sales Representatives/Consultants

Manufacturing, Transport & Logistics

8 Years Experience

Management, Team Leaders/Supervisors