Job Seeker Details

Professional Attributes:
  • I am deadline oriented. Will work through the night if that is what it takes
  • I have a good grasp of engineering and am wiling to learn anything new in a short time frame hence the wide experience.
  • I am a "can get it done" person. Set the bar and provide the limited support I would meed initially and i will get the job done.
  • I am loyal to the employer. Money is not the only thing. Once I can enjoy a decent standard and I am comfortable I will not be inclined to move.
Core Competencies:
  • Design engineer knowledgeable in most electrical, plumbing and some mechanical systems
  • Electrical building services - traditional lighting, functional knowledge to coordinate intelligent lighting control systems with specialist, end user power (outlets etc), main power distribution including bus bars and single line diagrams, electrical load calculations, cable sizing, cable containment, landscape and site lighting, photovoltaic systems and integration into building electrical bus, structured cabling (networking, internet, cable TV etc), security systems including wired contacts and devices, camera and card access
  • Mechanical & plumbing services - potable water systems and schematics, solar water heaters, waste water systems and isometrics, light commercial waste lift stations, storm water drainage, rain water and guttering, lawn sprinkler systems, AC split design, ducting design, extraction (bathrooms etc.), commercial kitchen extraction sufficient to coordinate with specialist supplier, limited proficiency in chilled water systems, natural gas and LPG line sizing and liaise with specialist provider
  • Misc building services - generator selection and automatic transfer switch integration on mains emergency bus, pool lighting, plumbing and equipment specification, fire sprinkler distribution design, sufficient knowledge to coordinate with specialist fire pump supplier, exposure to BEMS but not proficient
Industry Experience:

20 Years Experience



11 Years Experience