Job Seeker Details

Professional Attributes:
  • Friendly, outgoing and communicative
  • Strong enthusiasm in new stuff and quick learner with the ability to pass that knowledge on to others
  • Excellent ability of time and stress management
  • Enthusiastic team worker with a proven strength in understanding another’s point of view
  • Highly self-motivated, strong instinctive sense, and a risk taker, able to take actions in new situations
  • Acute awareness of surroundings, extremely observant of people, details and effects
Core Competencies:
  • Engineering Skills: In-depth knowledge of Electrical and Electronic Engineering. Working experience on electrical function debugging of elevator hardware . Keen awareness of radio-frequency structure design and electronic circuit-boards design. Sharp insight into electronic hardware debugging and analysing. Sound knowledge and experience in microcontroller programming under Arduino platform. A comprehensive knowledge of operating universally used lab instruments (e.g. vector network analyser, spectrum analyser, oscilloscope)
  • Computer Skills: Highly experienced in MS Office, including Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint. Strength in using mainstream professional software (e.g. Altium, ANSYS Electronics Desktop, Solidworks and Matlab). Broad background knowledge and experience of media design software (Photoshop, Aftereffects, and Cinema4D). Strength in programming with C# for Arduino microchip, HTML and CSS for web design
  • Communication Skills: Warm and engaging communicator with the ability to clearly understand and impart information. A well-established track record in teamwork for a smart mat design project and research work.
  • Presentation Skills: Strength in presenting ideas and problems to others
Industry Experience:

1 Year Experience

Electrical/Electronic Engineering