Job Seeker Details

Professional Attributes:
  • Registered Dispensing Optician of New Zealand
  • Deep knowledge of design techniques, principles, tools and instruments involved in the optician practice Excellent ability to quickly and repeatedly make precise adjustments of the spectacle frames.Verify the exactness of finished lenses by checking the power and surface quality with lens meter and special optical instruments.
  • Perform follow-up services, such as fixing broken frames,
  • Achieved sales goals and business objectives with extensive knowledge and use of optical math .
  • Certificate IV in Optical Dispensing
  • Registered Dispensing Optician of New Zealand
Core Competencies:
  • Prepare a work order, cut, edge, chamfer and to mount lenses in frames. I am specialised in full, rimlon and rimless frames cutting/edging.
  • Talented Optician with huge experience in providing appropriate optical care for patients, working from the prescriptions provided by optometrists and ophthalmic medical practitioners; working closely with patients once their vision have been tested, to dispense and fit spectacles and other optical airs. I have Certificate IV in Optical Dispensing from TAFE, NSW, Australia to work and am planning to relocate to New Zealand.
  • team, I am involved in tasks of assisting customers in selecting eyewear that is appropriate to their prescription, facial features, advising customers on fashion features like style, colour, shape and special coatings. Instruct customers in the use and care of eyeglasses.
  • Assist customers in selecting the style and colour of eyeglass frames and lenses by advising them of the size and shape best suited to both their facial features and to their optical prescription.
Industry Experience:
Healthcare & Medical

17 Years Experience