Job Seeker Details

Professional Attributes:
  • I am reliable and easy to get along with I always have good relationship with work colleagues . I am easy to get a long with and very reliable.
  • I focus on getting the job done - I always remain focus on what needs to be done in order to achieve the overall goals of the organisation that hired me.
  • I am forward thinking and a proactive team player
  • I have an eye for detail and a passion for getting things done
Core Competencies:
  • Computer Networking - I have several years of experience in network and server Infrastructure environment. This includes setup of centralized data centres to inter-connect remote sites. (5+ years)
  • System Administration in Windows and Linux environment - I have good System Administration skills, understanding system administration work in both Windows and Open Source is critical when setting up servers for specific applications as well as diagnosing problems on the network. ( 5+ years)
  • Virtualization VMWare - Several projects I worked in involves setup of VMWare host servers in a cluster with many virtual machines. I have skills in setup and managing VMware applications (3+ years )
  • Security Firewall Management - I have good Network Security skills. These skills were acquired from many years of managing computer networks. Currently I am still been consulted by previous clients on security issues.(5+ years)
Industry Experience:
Information & Communication Technology

20 Years Experience

Help Desk & IT Support, Networks & Systems Administration