Job Seeker Details

Professional Attributes:
  • I am able to work in a multicultural environment and collaborate and communicate successfully with people of different age, background and education.
  • I am very thorough and detail oriented. I strive to be a perfectionist in every aspect of my work and I tend to encourage such atmosphere in the office.
  • I am easily adaptable and I strive to constant improvement in every aspect possible - whether it is personal development or process optimization, and I tend to offer solutions proactively.
  • I am very creative and I enjoy all aspects of the job in which I can express that part of my personality.
  • I am able to work both individually and within a team.
Core Competencies:
  • Customer service - continuity and improvement
  • Communication - written and verbal
  • Presentation skills - design and live podium presentation
  • Organizational skills - prioritization and leadership
  • Interpersonal skills - adaptability and flexibility
Industry Experience:
Call Centre & Customer Service

6 Years Experience

Customer Service - Customer Facing, Management & Support, Supervisors/Team Leaders

Education & Training

5 Years Experience

Tutoring, Workplace Training & Assessment