Job Seeker Details

Professional Attributes:
  • creative, innovative
  • loyal
  • motivated, driven and resilient
  • affable, friendly, love connecting
  • insightful
  • fallable and open to growth
  • able to think deeply and ask useful questions
  • great at bringing people together and finding the 'glue' that might hold them
Core Competencies:
  • leadership development
  • professional development
  • communication excellence
  • relationhsip building and care
  • stakeholder relationship building
  • network creation and stabilisation
  • project inception, design and management
  • program inception, design and management
  • fundraising
  • strategy - capacity build, development, planning
  • business planning
  • strategy creation (national, institute, organisational)
  • able to work with wicked proble states
Industry Experience:
Education & Training

10 Years Experience

Management - Universities, Other, Workplace Training & Assessment

Hospitality & Tourism

11 Years Experience

Management, Tour Guides, Travel Agents/Consultants

Community Services & Development

3 Years Experience

Management, Other