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Professional Attributes:
  • I am o proactive, self-motivating and self-educating individual and I always strive to provide the highest levels of professionalism, whether working alone or as part of a team.
  • I have earned various information by self-education through books, articles and researches in order to further my knowledge on different aspects of life.
  • I am successful in leading employees through every situations with one year of experience as an Access control leader in a western company.
  • kind, wise, and respectful manner with providing each individual best of all.
Core Competencies:
  • excellence in using Microsoft Office
  • Emailing through outlook, gmail, and others. great knowledge about exploring the internet and finding target information.
  • Research making in a unique way
  • ability to work alone or as a part of a team
  • Translation kills
  • teaching, experienced teacher.
Industry Experience:
Education & Training

0 Years Experience