Job Seeker Details

Professional Attributes:
  • I won't miss my timing when i want to be on time to work.
  • I don't take unnecessary leave, good team worker.
  • I will be on duty when ever management needs me.
  • As a hospitality staff what ever i am following to do smooth operation, I will teach that to my team members.
Core Competencies:
  • I have a passion in this industry
  • I have trained in all the areas in the hotels, Except kitchen, Kitchen i know only basic.
  • Specialist in banquet arrangements & Organizing.
  • I love to make cocktails depends on guest taste.
  • I will put maximum effort to make our guests to believe us & make them happy.
Industry Experience:
Hospitality & Tourism

21 Years Experience

Bar & Beverage Staff, Housekeeping, Management