Job Seeker Details

Professional Attributes:
  • Ability to manage and solve personal issues and conflicts between employees to increase productivity and achieve targeted goals
  • Ability and experience to control process and operations: I have experience in planning and controlling. I use techniques of CRM and ERP that makes the company flow be more effective and also makes the company more efficient.
  • Experience in inventory control: During my time in NZ I have acquired several hours of experience managing inventory. That includes purchase, and international deliveries.
  • Experience in Quality standards assurance: I have ability to analyze the company process and procedures using the ISO 9001 quality standards concepts.
Core Competencies:
  • Production management
  • Operation data analyst
  • ISO 9001 internal auditor
  • Quality assurance management
  • Budget control and pricing
Industry Experience:
Manufacturing, Transport & Logistics

5 Years Experience

Production, Planning & Scheduling


3 Years Experience

Project Management


4 Years Experience

Project Management, Project Management


6 Years Experience

Engineering Drafting, Engineering Drafting