Job Seeker Details

Professional Attributes:
  • I'm a very proactive person, when I arrive into a job I like to aways get things better and more usable, facilitating the work, the whole process.
  • I love to work with people, hearing them, knowing their needs, working into projects wich is human centered, user experienced
  • I love work in a team, groups, and I work well with other areas of knowledge, based in my experiences when I used to work with alot of areas (medicine, psichology, arts, math and other areas to build the content for EAD courses)
  • Friendly, communicative, participatory
  • Studious, always looking to improve my skills and knowledge,
  • Contribute knowledge, love to exchange experiences
Core Competencies:
  • Usability Tests, UX avaliation, basic programmer (CSS, HTML5)
  • Interface Design (build websites and apps)
  • EAD plataforms, graphic contents for educational proposes (illustrations, infographics, graphics, and more)
  • Photography
  • Animation, motion design, concept (After Effects)
Industry Experience:
Design & Architecture

2 Years Experience

Graphic Design, Illustration & Animation, Web & Interaction Design