Job Seeker Details

Professional Attributes:
  • In medical(gov) - i service for governent in health. I learn to give hope to other people who come to hospital. I also concern about blood donate and i give it. Learn to safe people life as you can.
  • In sale - i train people to learn business and make business growth. I lead them and give them work in team, hardworking and never give up. Teach them about life and success in business.
  • In construction - i give them hope to have their own house to low and middle class worker.
  • In life - i learn to many about life and i confident with my self
Core Competencies:
  • In medical - general clinical, emergency rescue,
  • In sale - do multi level markerting, responsible to lead partner go to succuess and teach marketing to them, work in team, team leader, good in communication and marketing
  • Construction - bricklayer, concrete and cement, plasterer, roofing. Manage the project at site. Can work as low as labourer
  • Speak english and computer
Industry Experience:
Healthcare & Medical

3 Years Experience



5 Years Experience

Sales Representatives/Consultants


2 Years Experience