Job Seeker Details

Professional Attributes:
  • Never back down form a challenge
  • Work well under pressure
  • Challenges is my second nature
  • Very proud of my work, will go the extra mile
Core Competencies:
  • • Prepare and analyse samples in accordance with the standard Operating Procedures in the laboratory to ensure a high service level is maintained • General housekeeping and maintaining a safe work environment • To ensure all activities are carried out with regard and recognition of Health and Safety requirements • Complying with GMP/GLP quality systems • Complying to work in a highly regulated quality assurance focused facility • Actively involved in the laboratory documentation and adherence to GMP • Interpretation of method and work instruction • Conducting tasks in a methodical and thorough manner • Working and planning from pharmacopeia methodology • Retrieve chemicals, glassware, samples and standards • Preparation of solutions and reagents. Execution of HPLC techniques and use of HPLC instruments • Sampling, chemical and physical testing of pharmaceutical raw materials • Prove system suitability and correct HPLC instrument set-up prior to execution of analysis • Execution of HPLC analysis, identification of peaks and obtaining good chromatography • Responsible for root cause analysis during analytical investigations regarding OOS/OOT (Out of specification) or OOE results obtained by the analyst • Record all data/ observations in the relevant logbooks, using chromatograms, methods, work lists and standards • Performing pharmaceutical calculations in order to prepare solutions with set molarity or normality; percentage calculations; basic statistics (average, SD and %RSD); and equivalence calculations, etc. • Performing HPLC analyses for stability testing; final product release control and drug release • Calculations and data entry on Chromeleon 7.2 user software • Working on Agilent HPLC instruments
  • • Drive release analysis results within the targeted timeline and produce accurate results whilst under pressure • Verifying raw data • Calibrating and verifying of analytical instruments • Working with the ability to work unsupervised • Familiar with the following SANAS (South African National Accreditation System) documents: * R01-05; R03-08; R04-11; R38-03; R47-02; R48-04; R50-03; R51-07; R53-04; R80-03 and TR25-03.
  • Performing method checks for each analytical procedure •
  • Method transfer and validation
Industry Experience:
Science & Technology

2 Years Experience

Laboratory & Technical Services