Job Seeker Details

Professional Attributes:
  • I am always ready develop rapport with clients, family and colleagues.
  • Have empathy and respect clients irrespective of their cultures and traditions.
  • I am willing to work long hours to serve clients’ need.
  • I am willing to be the errand of my colleagues for the health concerns of the patients.
  • I always respect my seniors and to other hospital staffs regardless of their age, and gender.
  • I am willing to work extra hours to provide healthcare for the patients .
Core Competencies:
  • I administered intravenous medications with precaution to allergic reactions
  • Administering blood transfusion and monitored patient's vital signs in accordance of the hospital standard.
  • Always maintain patient's medical charts.
  • Discharged patients in accordance of the hospital policies.
  • Utilize Healthcare Software like BizBox as per hospital policies.
Industry Experience:
Healthcare & Medical

4 Years Experience

Nursing - General Medical & Surgical, Other