Job Seeker Details

Professional Attributes:
  • I were/am working on a lot of projects and always do my best for any task. Beside that, because "do my best" is not enough to make sure for quality of work, I always prepare for some backup plans. For me, the best solution is the best way to choice, but for some specific cases, just select good solution to go is better.
  • The attitude is the most important for me while working. Skills is important also, but it can be trained. Attitude is not.
  • I would like to work with persons who always want to share knowledge to other person. For me, share knowledge and then gain knowledge from person around are the best way to improve yourself day by day, not only in knowledge but also in life. If you have any problem, raise your hand. If someone have problem and you can support, raise your hand. The life will be perfect life.
  • On time - For everything I do, always try to do it on time. Keep everything on time - keep your promise, your step to go to success will be closer.
Core Competencies:
  • Project Management
  • Risk management
  • Testing
  • Analyzing requirements
  • Communication
  • Planning and scheduling projects
  • Making decision
  • Critical thinking
  • Investigating and solving problem
  • Priority tasks
  • Documentation
Industry Experience:
Information & Communication Technology

9 Years Experience

Business/Systems Analysts, Product Management & Development