How COVID-19 has damaged the immigrant workforce in New Zealand

New Zealand has fared well in this pandemic compared to most other countries.

We’ve only seen 26 deaths here and considering the total global figure is 3 million, that’s nothing short of miraculous.

But while being a small nation on the edge of the world helped keep the virus at bay, it also meant that the economy took a massive hit.

The immigrant workforce has dropped because of both economic and travel restrictions, resulting in a negative impact on Kiwi business.

The first lockdown

It was in January of 2020 that the first lab-confirmed case of Covid-19 outside of China was reported.

Exactly 3 weeks later New Zealand temporarily banned the entry of foreigners from, or who have travelled through, mainland China as well as making homecoming Kiwis self-isolate for a fortnight.

As the virus outbreak turned into a pandemic, a month later all people arriving in to the country had to self-isolate, not just those from China.

The country’s first death occurred on March 29th, but due to the lockdown, travel restrictions and social distancing rules, the country was declared free of Covid-19 on June 8th, just over two months later.

With sporadic outbreaks since, the country has yet to fully open up, and international travel is still limited.

Travel bubble with Australia

In October 2020, it was announced that New Zealand travellers could go to Australia with the need to stay in quarantine, although not the other way around.

This meant that workers could leave New Zealand but not come in, something which added further strain to the immigrant workforce here.

This month, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced that Australian and New Zealand residents will be able to travel between the two nations without having to quarantine, which will hopefully signal the beginning of a return to normality.

New Kiwis annual marketing campaign

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