Employing Offshore 

If you're thinking about recruiting overseas there's a lot to consider. Click here for information and resources to help you find, hire and retain migrant staff. When you recruit and hire migrants, you must comply with employment and immigration laws. Under these laws, employers have certain responsibilities and obligations. To find out more information please click here to be taken to the Immigration New Zealand website


Do you know about your employee's visa?

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Repeatedly hiring overseas talent? Become an accredited employer.  

What is the Talent Employer Accreditation? 

If you need to regularly recruit skilled overseas workers, consider becoming an Immigration New Zealand Accredited Employer. While you are accredited you can employ skilled migrant workers without first having to check if any New Zealanders can do the work. You must take direct responsibility for the workers you employ, for their work and you must pay a minimum base salary of $55,000. For more information about the Talent Employers Accreditation or becoming an accredited employer click here.