Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Welcome. Here are some commonly asked questions. Click on a question for more information.

First Name

Your first name or the name you preferred to be called.

Your Family Name/Surname

Your Family name/Surname. Your last name

Your preferred title

Do you like to be called Mr, Mrs, Miss


Include the country code and region numbers. If a person was calling you from overseas what are the exact numbers they would have to dial. 


Include the country code and region numbers. If a person was calling you from overseas what are the exact numbers they would have to dial.

Date of Birth

Select day first that you were born, then month you were born, then year you were born. This information will not appear on your CV

Country of Birth

Please select the country you were born in. This information will not appear on your CV.


What is your current Address?

Please provide full physical address details of where you are currently living. Your address should automatically populate through Google maps. If it does not, please provide accurate details including street, suburb, city, town, state, province, country.  

Preferred Work Location

Select the checkbox for all locations you would consider working and living in New Zealand. Employers will often only search for people living or intending to live in the location of their business. Choose carefully and do your research first, do not choose “Check All” unless you genuinely would move to each of these locations.

Residential Status

This is about your visa status to live and work in New Zealand. Choose one of the options as stated on your Visa.

If you are a Local Job Seeker (living in NZ) select the Visa you have. Your visa will fall into either Work Stream Visa or Residence Visa categories. If you are a student or on a working holiday visa, choose Other.

Preferred Work

This is about the hours and duration you want to spend working. Are you looking for full time or part time hours? A fixed term role is for a set period of time, it might be anything from 1 week to 1 year and usually relates to project or covering for a staff person who is on leave (e.g. maternity leave). Casual roles have no fixed hours or duration. For more information about Employment laws and practices in New Zealand visit


Date arrived in NZ

If you are already in New Zealand, when did you arrive? If you are registering from overseas, when do you think you will be immigrating to New Zealand? This information does not appear on your CV.

Email alerts for new jobs

If you select Yes you will receive an email anytime an employer registers a job vacancy that matches your occupation and location (some employers will only consider applications from people already in New Zealand and others are keen to hear from people living overseas).

How did you find out about New Kiwis?

Tell us where you found information about New Kiwis, was it word of mouth or through a site.

What is Industry?

Select the industry closest to the occupations and industries you have worked in or that your occupation is most likely to be found in.

Other is for the Industry that is not listed. However your industry is likely to be in there. Check in occupations to find the most suitable.

What is Occupation?

Select all the occupations or jobs you have done within the industry.

What is a skill?

A skill is something you have gained or learned from your previous roles i.e. customer service experience, Organisational, Presentation etc. You have soft skills like communication, interpersonal skills or hard skills which are the technical side of your job.

What is a professional attribute?

These could be a number of things, from professional to personal and they relate to the qualities you have suitable for any role you are looking for e.g. adaptable, friendly, well presented, etc. Attributes sometimes (but not always) start the phrase “I am…”

Do I need certification for skills?

No, skills are something you have gained or learnt within previous roles

What are Roles?

Roles are the jobs we do or have done. The most recent must be listed at the top to adhere to NZ CV standards.

When entering your work history please be sure to list the most recent experience you have had first.

What happens if I have several roles in the same company?

Please list these roles within the same company individually so each role is listed within your work experience

What if I don’t have any work experience?

If you have limited work experience you may include work placements/volunteer work. If you have been in one role for some time or have limited experience you could split your experience and add in-depth details of specific aspects of a varied role. Remember anything you do in the community is work experience.

Define level of education

A drop down menu with the below listed degree options

  • Certificate
  • Bachelor
  • Masters
  • PHD
  • Post Graduate
  • Diploma
  • No Qualification
  • Other


How do I know what my qualifications are equivalent to New Zealand standards?

Please click the link to find out more information about your equivalent qualifications

What is a career objective?

This is not about who you are but what job you want to do. Start with the job or industry you want to work in, a second sentence to mention the skills you have and a third sentence to list the attributes you can bring to the role. Use the information you provided under Skills & Attributes to help you. Keep it simple and brief.


Example 1: A well organised, self-motivated individual with excellent communication skills and the ability to work as part of a team or on my own. My proactive, adaptable and committed approach to any task ensures I am able to complete the task on time and to a high standard. I am seeking a Customer Service / Administration role.


Example 2: A professional Electrical and Electronic Engineer with a track record of successful project management, preparation of engineering designs, cost estimates, tender and bid preparation, scheduling, factory acceptance testing, mobilization, pre-commissioning and commissioning of turnkey projects and workforce management. I am seeking a project management role with a leading innovative, solutions and systems automation organisation.


Hobbies? What are hobbies and interests and why should this be in my CV?

This is a professional document so why does it need to be on your CV, well prospective employers invest in people; they hire and work with human beings, not robots. It is because of this that employers look for every clue in their prospective employees to find out about their true skills and competencies. 

What is LinkedIN?

A networking tool to find connections to recommended job candidates, industry experts and business partners. The basic functionality of LinkedIn allows users (workers and employers) to create profile, which for employees typically consist of a curriculum vitae describing their work experience, education and training and a photo of them. Users can list their workplace skills on their profile. As well, the site enables users to make "connections" to each other in an online social network which may represent real-world professional relationships.