Frequently Asked Questions: Finding a job in New Zealand? 

Q. What are other employment websites in New Zealand? 


Trade Me Jobs

Shopless Jobs


Q. Where can I find CV and Cover letter templates? 

You can find a few different templates for both here 

Do remember when applying for jobs to tailor your CV and Cover letter to the job description provided. 


Q. What is the current job market like in New Zealand?

The New Zealand job market is an employers market meaning there are more job seekers than jobs available and if you are interested in living and working here our recommendation is to check the Immigration skills shortage list.


Q. What is a Career Objective? 

A Career Objective is a short paragraph that appears at the top of your CV.  It should include the type of job you are looking for, why you think you would be an ideal candidate and what you will contribute to the organisation.


Q. What are core skills?

Core skills is a list of your major work related skills, the tasks that you perform regularly and would be required by an employer. For example, if you are a Software Developer, these would be a list of programmes you are proficient in. If you are not sure which of your many skills are in demand, research a few job vacancies and see what employers are looking for.


 Q. What are professional attributes? 

Professional attributes are more about your personality and work style.  Employers want to know what type of person you are and how well you will fit into their team.  This might include communication, ability to work in a team, manage deadlines and targets


Q. Am I likely to find a job in New Zealand without a visa? 

Some employers in New Zealand are willing to assist with supporting you through your Visa, while others aren't. It all depends on the size of the company and the employers demand. For more information about Visa/immigration advice or queries please click here to be redirected to our Immigration New Zealand website. 


 Q. What is the purpose of

The purpose of this site is to link the skills of migrants to job vacancies.


Q. What does it cost to use

Nothing. This is a free site - there is no cost to register as a job seeker or employer and to post a job advertisement.


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